The Furbox

Care For Fabric


It is a work of art that you have now inherited and it must be preserved the same way to ensure its longevity. There are a few handy tips you can always keep in mind:

1.     A preferred medium to wash the pashmina is dry cleaning, of course. Alternatively, you can use a mild wool detergent at home only in case of a stain. Do not wring, twist or squeeze the material because it may lead to a permanent damage. Dry flat, no machine wash, no tumble dry.

2.     Your pashminas are made up of natural goat fibre, so it may be susceptible to moths and other damages if not cleaned and stored properly.  An age old technique for storing pashmina is to wrap it in clean muslin or plastic with few (handful) whole spices like cloves, dried peppercorns, and few dried bay leaves, cinnamon in a small packet.

3.    Keep the pashmina away from oils, perfumes and cosmetics and this will remain with you for ages like an heirloom.